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Jose Vallikatt, belonging to MST, has specialised in the interdisciplinary area of media, religion and culture. He writes on various issues related the Church and media in publications and online sites. He is the founder and CEO of CONNECT, and edits websites such as www.arpanam.com and www.allaboutconnect.com

Limping and Lagging… A Church March

By | January 13th, 2016|In Depth, Vallikatt|

I was thrilled rather than stunned to see Pope Francis posing for a ‘selfie’ photo with a youth at an Asian youth meeting in South Korea a couple of weeks ago. The readiness of the Pope to pose with cheerful smile on his face proves that Pope Francis wants to image the Church as being [...]

Declaration of Internet Independence

By | March 31st, 2015|In Depth, Vallikatt|

Until 24th of March, the digital generation of India was reined by a draconian law deterring free speech through Internet. On that day the Supreme Court entirely struck down the Section 66A of the Indian Information Technology Act on grounds of vagueness, overreach, and the chilling effects it has on online speech. The Netizens and [...]