Communicating Mercy, the forthcoming edited book by Dr Jose Vallikatt, deals with various aspects of Christian life in relation to mercy.

Communicating Mercy approaches mercy from a cultural perspective with a special emphasis on how Pope Francis tries to present the Church as communicating mercy to the modern world. The first part of the book elaborates on the biblical-theological basis of mercy relevant to the contemporary cultural context. The second part exposes how mercy is made experiential in the various lived experience of Church.

The language is simple and the numerous anecdotes and examples make the reading an enjoyable experience. The book is highly recommended for people who expect a reflective reading on the theme of Mercy,  but also want to get into mercy in action in their life.

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Details of the Book

ISBN : 9788184655643
Author :
Jose Vallikatt
Imprint : ISPCK
Subject : Christian Life
Published On : 2016
Indian price : Rs. 300
Intl. Price : US $ 19
Cover : Paperback
No. of pages : 210
CD Included : No
Size (l * b) : Royal



  1. Smearing The Medicine Of Mercy -Mercy: A Cultural Approach – Dr. Jose Vallikatt
  2. Misericordiea Vultus (The Bull of Indiction) – Pope Francis
  3. My Heart Recoils Within Me – Merciful God In The Old Testament – Dr. Stanley Mathirappilly
  4. Mercy Incarnated -Jesus, The Face Of God’s Mercy –  Dr. Jacob Naluparayil
  5. I Nursed Them Like A Mother: The Feminine Face Of God – Dr. Shalini Mulackal
  6. Showering Mercy To The World: Evangelization As Communication Of Mercy – Dr. Jacob Kavunkal SVD
  7. Scholars Of Law And Doctors Of Mercy: Justice And Mercy – Dr. Jose Vallikatt
  8. It Shall Not So Among You: Power, Authority And Mercy – Dr. Jose Vallikatt
  9. Communicating Mercy: Mercy, Communication, Encounter – Dr. Jose Vallikatt
  10. Avatars of Christic Compassion & Mirrors Of Marian Mercy: Mercy In The Social Context -Dr. Francis Gonsalves, S.J.
  11. She Has Put Everything She Had: Women And Mercy – Sr. Nirmalini, A.C.
  12. Tend Them In Mercy: Communicating Mercy: A Pastoral Challenge – Dr. M.K. George S J
  13. The Haven Of Mercy: Mercy And Confessional – Dr. Tomy Tharayil
  14. In The Face Of Conflict, Violence And War: A World In Need Of Mercy! – Fr. Cedric Prakash SJ
  15. Till It And Keep It: Mercy To The Created World – Jose Vallikatt

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