While thousands of people who are separated by space and time come together in the arena of social media, it also is a place where fake ‘people’ make their presence. Many people in the social media are not ‘real’ at least in two ways. The fake ‘people’ include automated accounts whose feeds are generated entirely by computer as well as the real people who do not reveal their real identity for many reasons.

People use fake profiles because they want to bridge the gap between their imagined self and actual self. Their aim may be stalking, peeping into the privacy of others, or even sexual exploitation. Others create fake IDs for religious or economic objectives. Facilities such as Google Adwords, sale promotions in Facebook and Twitter etc have helped people earn significant income by creating public interest through posting promotional messages in between updates from their friends. People in power also take advantage of fake IDs to foster public opinion in their favour.

We ought to be real in the virtual world. We also need to encourage others to show their real self in order to prime their experience for honest connections.