Fr Jose Vallikatt is a missionary priest belonging to the Missionary Society of St Thomas (MST). He holds a Masters in Audio visual Communications. He is interested in the cultural and religious dimension of media in the Indian context. He has done the Doctoral research in the interdisciplinary area of Media, Religion and Culture from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Research Interests

Books and Publications

  1. Communicating Mercy (2016), New Delhi: ISPCK.
  2. Kaanunnavar Jeevikkum (Missionary Vision of Postmodern Church, (Mal) 2013), Kotayam: OIRSI
  3. Virtually Religious: Myth Ritual and Community in World of Warcraft (PhD Thesis, 2014)



Jose Vallikatt owns and edits the following websites.



Fr Jose Vallikatt successfully organises various programs for different groups. His programs are mostly interactive and participatory. He integrates various activities such as games, activities, and discussions in his training programs.

Cast Your Nets is a three day intensive program inspiring participants to actively engage in social media evangelisation.

Give Us Our Rights is a one day program providing awareness on children’s rights. This is a good program for anyone who is interacting with children professionally such as teachers, police etc.

Down To Earth is a program on Laudato Si as well as environmental conservation.

Media Literacy is a literacy workshop for students in which they come to know about nuances of media meanings and its messages.

Handle with Care is a training programme for Teachers and parents who deal with children under 15. The programme helps them to understand their children better with sound theoretical background. It helps them to communicate effectively with their children.



New Media and Christian Community (Church History and Media Conference, Ruhalaya, Ujjain 2013)

Creative Media and Catechesis (National Catechetical Conference, CCBI, Guwahati 2014)

Sacred Quest and Profane Propensity: Indian Gaming Communities Playful Search for the Sacred (American Academy of Religions, Chicago USA Oct 2012)
Born Again: Spirituality of Avatars in the World of Warcraft (Vision 6- Interdisciplinary International Conference, July 2011, Oxford, UK)
New Desires and Old Satisfactions: Myths of World of Warcraft and Social Religiosity (International Conference Media and Culture, October 2010, Osaka, Japan)
Modern Myths of MMORP Games and Social Religiosity (International conference on Media, Religion and Culture, Ryerson University, Toronto Aug 2010)
Parallels of Virtuality and Actuality in WoW and Religion (Next Generation Postgraduate Conference, University of Western Sydney, 2009)


Jose has been awarded a research fellowship for undertaking postgraduate research at RMIT funded by the Media Religion and Culture Project in Chicago.

  1. Academic Qualification
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Literature, Vikram University, 1992-95)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Paurastya Vidyapitam, Kottayam, 1996-99)
  • Masters Diploma in Audio Visual Communication (COMMITS, Bangalore, 2001-02)
  • PhD in Interdisciplinary Media-Religion-Culture studies (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia 2013)
  • Specialisaton: Religious dimensions of Online Video Games
  1. Career Interests
    1. Teaching and training young people to be Media Professionals (Takes classes in various major seminaries and colleges)
    2. Workshops for media literacy with a special emphasis to New Media (Students module, Teachers Module and Parents Module)
    3. Research and training in Integrating new media technologies in education
    4. Audio-visual production (occasional)
  2. Initiatives
    1. Founder of Kadukumani Children’s magazine (Malayalam, 2003)
    2. Producer of Interactive mission Quiz in Shalom TV (2006-2008)
    3. Founder and CEO of CONNECT (Collaborative Network for New Media Education, Communication and Training), 2013.


Articles in magazines

Being Politically Correct (2016) Indian Currents, 9th May, Vol XXVIII, 19.

Ten Ways to Improve Church Communication (2016) Indian Currents, 9th May, Vol XXVIII, 19.

The Francis Age and Catholic Communications (2016) Indian Currents, 8th February Vol XXVIII, 6.

Changing Habits (2014) Smart Companion

Let Us Connect (2015) Smart Companion

Curious Case of Digital Youth (2014) Smart Companion