The Faith Tradition

The Church in India has a history as old as Catholic Church itself. The Apostle Thomas brought the Christian message to India in AD 52. Christianity in India is known as Thomas Tradition (Thoma Margam = Way of Thomas) with its many branches within the Catholic Communion as well as outside the Catholic Church.

The three Individual sui juris Churches in the Catholic Communion in India are the Syro-Malabar Church, Syro-Malankara Church and the Latin Church.

The Cultural Tradition

Though Christianity is a national minority in India, it has been a very powerful religious and cultural force in Kerala where St Thomas the Apostle believed to have arrived first with the Christian message.Tamil Nadu, Goa, Karnataka, Meghalaya are other Indian States which has significant Christian presence. Yet there are numerous opportunities for the Church to be a national presence.

Media and Culture

Lumen India envisages to employ media and culture to enhance the religious and faith life of Christians in India.

The Church provides unambiguous Directions  to see media in a more positive light.


1. Creating awareness among Christian about various media channels including interactive media.
2. Establishing a media production centres.


  • Proclaiming the Good News through social communications.
  • Training in social communications.
  • Promoting culture of communications
  • Speaking for the voiceless and upholding dignity and rights of all human beings, particularly the marginalized by creating public opinion.
  • Providing media literacy and education for students.