A Spanish priest has caught the attention of Microsoft executives after using Minecraft to teach his students about the Church.

Daniel Pajuelo uses the game to teach his young pupils at a school in Madrid.

They have used the programme to build a virtual Catholic church, and therefore learn about architecture and the way parishes function.

Pajuelo also took his students to a real church ahead of the project so they could gain some inspiration.

He told Rome Reports that the young people have loved learning in a new way. “Imagine, this had never happened to me, but the day I had to miss class, my students asked me when we were going to make up that religion class,” he said. “In class, they are so excited.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has visited Pajuelo at his school and invited the young priest to Brussels to present the project.

Pajuelo told Daily Edventures earlier this year that he has “always been passionate about introducing technology in the classroom”.

“I thought it was cool and significant to connect tech and religion,” he added.

Pajuelo said that “being a teacher is not a job for me but a vocation, and this vocation is connected with the inner calling I received from God to share my life generously and help others to experience the love of God in their lives.”

He said he got the idea for using Minecraft in the classroom after realising many of his students loved the game and deciding to “make an effort to understand what was so cool”.

Source: Christian Today