Lumen India: A Daring Leap into the World of New Media Evangelisation

After preaching in a number of places, St. Paul arrived in Athens, where he went to the Areopagus and proclaimed the Gospel in language appropriate to and understandable in those surroundings (cf. Acts 17:22-31).

Cast Your Net

Cast Your Net is a combination of two short courses dealing with New Media and Evangelisation. The part of the course deals with basics of New Media Evangelisation while the second course deals with advanced lessons of Catholic Blogs and Websites. These courses orient the participants – priests, religious persons and lay people, men and women as well as seniors and juniors to be productive and effective media people who take the Christian bites to the world.

  • Become more aware about the presence of New Media and how it works
  • Learn basic principles of New Media and its functions
  • Get convinced of the increasing need of the Religious to ‘occupy’ New Media space.
  • Become encouraged to know what the magisterium teaches on New Media.
  • Get introduced to be ‘smart’ in the New Media’ space.
INteractive workshop

  • Interactive sessions
  • Activity Sessions
  • Games
  • Group Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Resolution Making
  • A number of worksheets will be provided for the participants during the course
  • Participants are requested to read the reading resources before the start of the course
  • Reading materials will be available here
Online media

  • All participants shall bring a smartphone or tablet or a laptop

Course Contents

Course Part 1: New Media in Evangelisation

  • 15 hours of input sessions and 20 hours of self directed practical sessions.
  • Total of 20 participants can be accommodated.
  • For the details of the course visit this page

Course Part 2: Catholic Blogging

  • 15 hours of input sessions and 30 hours of self directed practical sessions.
  • Total of 20 participants can be accommodated.
  • For the details of the course visit this page.

Proclaiming “From the Housetops”

The Papacy has set the Church into the digital orbit steadily. The Church is concerned about the people who live in the media and digital sphere.

Pope  Benedict XVI invited Catholics to “join the network of relationships which the digital era has made possible.”

When the mass media are put at the service of the Gospel, they are capable of increasing almost indefinitely the area in which the Word of God is heard; they enable the Good News to reach millions of people. The Church would feel guilty before the Lord if she did not utilize these powerful means that human skill is daily rendering more perfect. It is through them that she proclaims “from the housetops” the message of which she is the depositary.. (Evangelii Nuntianti 45)

Amazing Course: Register Before Anyone Else!

This is where you would learn to navigate the vast ocean of social media for Jesus Christ.

Media Culture

The appreciation of the media is not reserved only to those already adept in the field, but to the entire Church Community… Christians must take into account the media culture in which they live… The current phenomenon of communications impels the Church towards a sort of pastoral and cultural revision, so as to deal adequately with the times in which we live. (Rapid Development 9)

Course Facilitator: Jose Vallikatt, PhD

(Media, Culture and Religion)

Learning to be Netizens

Young people in particular need to be taught “not only to be good Christians when they are recipients but also to be active in using all the aids to communication that lie within the media…So, young people will be true citizens of that age of social communications which has already begun” —an age in which media are seen to be “part of a still unfolding culture whose full implications are as yet imperfectly understood” (Church and Internet 9).